Why Women Need A Gynecologist

If you’re a woman, then you’ve probably heard about how you need to visit a gynecologist every year, every other year, every three years, or maybe even every five years. This lack of consensus poses a rather difficult question to the average woman: how often do you actually need to see a gynecologist? To answer this question, let’s examine the main functions of a gynecologist and how often the average woman needs them:

3 Ways To Keep Your Child Safe And Immunized Properly

Immunizing your child is the best thing for them.  Although there may be some slight risks to getting immunized, the benefits far outweigh the risks. This is why it is vital that parents understand what they can do to ensure that their children are properly immunized and that the immunizations worked correctly. Here are three ways to ensure that this happens: 1. Stay On Schedule When you see your primary care doctor for well child check ups, they will talk to you about immunizations.

Two Reasons Why Your Feline Friend's Mouth Poses A Cat-Astrophic Threat To Your Health

Your cat’s mouth may appear small and harmless, but it can cause you to become very sick. It is home to allergy-triggering proteins and life-threatening bacteria colonies. Allergies One in ten people are allergic to cats. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not the cat’s hair that triggers allergies, but a protein found in feline saliva, dander, and even urine. This protein, identified as “Fel d 1,” is microscopic, lightweight, and sticky.